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Saturday, November 08, 2008

The Most Important Thing on the Bride's Contract Rider?

Jack on hand.

Yes my sweet, little friend Yolanda drinks Jack. Mr. Daniels if your nasty.

And while I've not been able to touch the stuff following that unfortunate incident in 1990 involving a 3 Wise Men shot, some sorority hazing, and forced removal from a bar... I do (have? will?) love me some whiskey... just not the bourbon. But I will certainly make an exception. And a Jack and Coke, neat, shall be the drink of the first half of November. I think it is a drink we can all get behind... and under. Given Yolander's current condition (that ironically followed her vacation on the big, gay cruise) I may have to have one more for her. Holy insurance risks, Batman! Lord help us all.

To my honorary 'bo...

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katie said...

yay! glad you're bringing back the drink o' the month!