Bring the pain. Bring the fun.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

For Big Bob

Paint a Perfect Picture

iron forged with steel is no stronger than the man
who selflessly, instinctively
gave me everything.
"I remember when
you fit in my palm"
Well, can you try please, please
dad to shower me with hugs, kisses,

What have you left to give
when was it taken
from the attack on your heart
in '71 or '76
or the loss of livelihood
or is it we who have taken the dreams
the desires

A tan, blond kid of 17
living in the sunland
Golden Boy, smell of oranges,
who could fly
Do you understand I have nothing to give you?
I don't remember how to try

but look...
I am small now
I have decreased
I can fit once again
in you palm.