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Thursday, February 28, 2008

My friend Christy...

aka Kern Dog, PopKern, Savage Rose, Joyce DeWitt is...
an MBA (or some kind of business-y acronym) , a Roller Derby Star, a member of a B-52's cover band, a Professional Recruiter, kind, funny, sweet, generous, an NWA, quick with a laugh , an athlete, a singer, a drag-king and ALWAYS ready to dance. She is a friend with a heart of gold (and a matching sequined glove). Loyal, true and genuine... I know that she will be my friend forever. I hope she leads the line-dance at my jazz funeral.

But this is my search for the perfect drink to carry me into my 40's. But to try to sum Christy up with one drink is, quite simply, impossible.

So grab your favorite libation... whatever it may be... and "wave yo' hands in the air like you just don't care" in honor of my dancing pal, K-Diggy (just made that one up--what do you think)?

Christy Kern: The Most Interesting Woman in the World.

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